Kanguru, plenty of smooth and “smart” ideas to warm you up and make your life more comfortable.

In 2011 Kanguru launched its first product on the market: Deluxe, the blanket with sleeves and a front pocket. A simple yet ingenious idea because, like all good ideas, it involved taking an everyday item and reinventing it. In fact, the addition of the sleeves transforms the plaid into an item of clothing which envelops and protects against the cold without limiting the movements of the wearer. As well as the sleeves, Kanguru also added a highly practical front pocket to its blanket. A really useful detail so you can keep all the things you need, like your glasses, mobile phone or the remote control, close to hand…These little features have made Deluxe the blanket of choice for those that love to pamper themselves and treat themselves to a moment of pure snug indulgence after a hard day’s work.
Because relaxing isn’t doing nothing but the freedom to do whatever you want.

Perfect quality, style and design for a practical and original gift idea

Thanks also to its thermal properties and the incredible softness of the microfibre from which it is made, over the years Deluxe has become the go-to product for those looking for maximum comfort in addition to quality and elegance.
To satisfy the requirements of its increasingly broad, attentive and demanding customer base, over the years Kanguru has created its blanket with sleeves in a wide range of colours and patterns with a fresh, dynamic and youthful style (also taking its inspiration from cartoon characters like Hello Kitty in 2012 and Snoopy in 2014). In 2013 the company combined its ultra-soft and highly colourful Plaid with a mug to create Plaid&Mug, an elegant set whose practical packaging also makes it the perfect idea for a practical and economical gift. In 2016 Kanguru produced Glow In The Dark, an original and playful blanket which absorbs sunlight during the day and then releases it in the dark, lighting up the night with its enchanting and magical atmosphere. The same year the company also produced a version of its blanket for your four-legged friends. Dog Set and Cat Set are two cheerful plaids (complete with stuffed bone or fish toy) that will delight your dog or cat, allowing them to spend the evening by your side without dirtying or damaging the sofa.

Lots of solutions to meet all kinds of needs. soft, snug ideas with an eye on the environment.

Faithful to the original and successful Deluxe concept, Kanguru has sought to develop new combinations of materials and fabrics. In 2013 this research led to little variations on the theme, such as the practical rim of the Touch plaid that can be used to clean touchscreens, or completely revisited models such as the Extreme blanket-duvet, ideal for when the winter chill kicks in. With environmental questions increasingly under the spotlight, in recent years the company has focused close attention on issues such as sustainability and the reuse of materials. To this end, in 2017 it launched Green, the blanket made from 100% recycled fibre. Without compromising on the softness, practicality and warmth for which it is known, Kanguru aims to find a place in the hearts of those who care deeply about the environment we live in.

The softness and quality of the kanguru blanket with sleeves can now also be found in cushions, slippers, socks and even hot water bottles!

Kanguru isn’t just blankets. The experience it has acquired over the years and its ongoing desire to innovate and make everyday objects “smart” has led it to apply its philosophy to a wide range of products.
In 2012 it introduced Goodnight, the musical cushion that thanks to an internal speaker plays your favourite music from any mp3 player or smartphone without disturbing those in the vicinity.
In 2014 it was the turn of George, the extra-long hot water bottle that you can wrap around your body, and in 2016 the Baboosh memory foam slippers and the Warm Socks, both perfect for keeping your feet warm on freezing winter evenings.
Finally, in 2017 Kanguru returned to reinvent the cushion with the Super Pillow, the practical memory foam travel pillow whose cover can be removed, and the Light Cushion, the luminous cushion whose light effects make it a fantastic addition to the decor of your home.
Today, as yesterday, Kanguru continues with its untiring research into original and intelligent ideas to apply to the objects that surround us so lovers of the brand can continue to construct that soft, warm and relaxing universe they adore so much. Enter the Kanguru world and look us up on Amazon or in all good stores.