The single or double bed blanket that lights up at night with the constellations of the celestial sphere

Have you ever laid down under a starry sky on a warm summer’s evening surrounded by the magical glow of thousands of fireflies? You can now relive this amazing sensation on cold winter nights wrapped in Kanguru Glow in the Dark, the blanket that absorbs daylight and gradually releases it in the dark.

The Single Bed version is a useful, economical and original gift idea. Soft and ultra-warm, Glow in the Dark creates a magical and relaxing atmosphere, ideal for brightening up the nights of little ones and chasing away their fears and nightmares. The large Double Bed version creates a warm and romantic nest in which to slip comfortably off to sleep alongside your loved one.

Get your friends a warm and practical gift.






    100% Polyester

  • USE

    Machine washable


    It charges with light, then glows in the dark.

  • PACK

    Paper strip.

  • Use Kanguru on cold winter evenings, turn the heating down, save money and reduce CO2 emissions.

The details that make the difference


The PLAID absorbs light during the day and gradually releases it in the dark.


Two warm patterns: the constellations of the zodiac and famous song titles

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